I'm Angie and I help Technophobes Create & Release Their First Podcast on a Budget!

Let’s pull the curtain on this whole Podcasting mystery once and for all!

As the creator & host of the Too Old For This Sh*t podcast I want to show you what many don’t know!  


  • Joe Rogan
  • I need a home studio (Hint: so not true)
  • Need expensive sound equipment, software and producers! (Hint: again not true)
  • Tech nightmares! (Without the head start I’m about to give you? Absolutely!)
  • Hate the sound of my voice! (Hint: We all do, and it’s not about its sound, it’s what you use it for)
  • Who will want to hear me talk?
  • Who will let me interview them?
  • Not qualified!
  • What would I talk about?!
  • I have no idea what I'm doing. Who am I to do this?
  • My family will defo disown me (tbh, that may still happen...)

The tech is daunting, there's like a gazillion opinions out there, and that’s just for the microphone. 

 Nothing seems straightforward. 

 You're drowning in too many options and you’re in full analysis paralysis.

Plus not all your friends know what a podcast is or where to find one. 

Figuring it all out can take months of trial and error with hours of Googling: 
"Which grrr...🤬 software will let me do this, without wanting to throw my laptop out of the window?!!!
Aaargh! (yes, been there, too!).
 But with these workshops, you’ll get all the information you need in ONE place - no fluff!


  • End the stigma on something YOU care about [mental health/addiction/sex/marketing/ and much more]  
  • Really inform people on what it takes to [have a great relationship/make a profitable business/starting a charity/be healthy/ and much more]
  • Love connecting with people and  want to ask questions to your favourite ones because no one else has your angle on things.
  • Help others who struggle with the same issues as you
  • Desperate to do something creative, no one can tell you what the right ‘tone’ ought to be
  • Be your own boss with your own platform (Hint: Your house, your rules!)
  • Feel like you have so much to say, and a podcast will allow you to talk about things that you find important or fascinating and nobody is required to listen. It’s more for you than anyone else really.
  • Want to try something new 
Maybe it’s a mix of some of the above (is for me)


Your own platform to:
  • Talk to guests that inspire you
  • Spread the word / make a change on some level in the world.
  • Showcase your passion.
A chance to connect with people around the world:
  • From guests to listeners. Many will become online friends, and some you’ll even  meet in real life.

So enough chit chat, let’s get right into it, shall we…?
I’ve got you, you’ve come to the right place with these online workshops!

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Angie Sørensen

Angie is a true hustler when it comes to podcasting, her podcast (Too Old For This Sh*t) made the charts in the comedy genre in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Taiwan within a few weeks of going live, then India a few months in, and more recently Denmark. Ireland, GB, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sweden and Finland. Too Old For This Sh*t (the podcast) was also selected as one of the Top UK Funny and Comedy Podcasts on the web by Feedspot who ranked it at #10 in Oct. 2021. It also made the following top listener charts on Goodpods - March 2022 #3 in the Top 100 Indie Mental Health chart #4 in the Top 100 Mental Health chart #5 in the Top 100 Indie Relationships chart Her favourite parts of podcasting are being herself and connecting with fascinating guests from all walks of life. It has been a true personal growth journey and she’s beyond excited to be helping others create their own mark in the world through podcasting by showing them how to create & release their 1st podcast on a budget in 6 weeks.