How To Create Your Podcast Concept & Never Run Out Of Ideas + Mics Simplified

In under 2 hours demistify the creative process and 

👉Have a unique podcast concept 

👉Know how to continuously generate ideas.

Bonus content:

MICs Simplified

👉 Never again be fazed by which microphone to buy! 


👉 You want to create a podcast but you’re not clear on what your idea is, maybe:

  • You have too many ideas.

  • You have an idea but worry you will run out of episode ideas.

  • You’re not sure what style to do your podcast in.

  • You’re not sure your idea is good enough.

  • Maybe, you already started a podcast but you feel stuck on what episodes to produce next.



+ It's a self-study course so no need to wait!


+ No procrastination allowed 

+ Sometimes life gets in the way or sometimes we just need a refresher, so if you want to revisit it later, you can do so by paying a yearly access fee of £45.


+ Be patient and go through the steps.

+ At the end of each section, you’ll be asked questions for you to answer so you can start mapping out your concept.

Wokshop content

    1. Welcome!

    2. What to expect

    3. Who is this workshop for?

    4. How to use this workshop + what we'll cover


    1. 1: Aim

    2. 2: Higher level concept

    3. 3: What's your style? (Hosting style)

    4. 3: What's your style? (Podcast format)

    5. 3: What's your style? (Your personal style)

    6. 4: What is your podcast about?

    7. 5: How to continuously generate episode ideas

    8. 5a: Going deeper with an idea (active way)

    9. 5b: Going deeper with an idea (passive way)

    10. 6: Idea buckets

    11. 7: Boundaries

    12. 8: Frequency

    1. #1: How to not get stuck 2 mins before a deadline.

    2. #2: Naming your podcast + Well done!!

    1. Welcome!

    2. 1: Types of microphones

    3. 2: MIC recommendations


    1. #1: Gain vs volume

    2. #2: Position & distance of MIC

    3. Quiz time!

    1. Extra resources

About this course

  • £37.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


Angie Sørensen

Angie is a true hustler when it comes to podcasting, her podcast (Too Old For This Sh*t) made the charts in the comedy genre in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Taiwan within a few weeks of going live, then India a few months in, and more recently Denmark. Ireland, GB, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sweden and Finland. Too Old For This Sh*t (the podcast) was also selected as one of the Top UK Funny and Comedy Podcasts on the web by Feedspot who ranked it at #10 in Oct. 2021. It also made the following top listener charts on Goodpods - March 2022 #3 in the Top 100 Indie Mental Health chart #4 in the Top 100 Mental Health chart #5 in the Top 100 Indie Relationships chart Her favourite parts of podcasting are being herself and connecting with fascinating guests from all walks of life. It has been a true personal growth journey and she’s beyond excited to be helping others create their own mark in the world through podcasting by showing them how to create & release their 1st podcast on a budget in 6 weeks.


  • What's the starting date?

    It's a self-study course so you can start anytime!

  • What if I have questions, who do I ask?

    You can email me any questions that have to do with better understanding the content of this course. i.e: + What do you mean by investigator? + Can you explain the horizontal and vertical method in a different way? I did not understand that part. On the other hand, what this self-study course does not include are in-depth, personalised questions like: + Can you help me with my concept? + Can you give me ideas for episodes to record? + I have ideas for 5 different podcasts, which one should I do first? + Should I do a vertical or horizontal concept, I don't know which one to choose, I feel I want to do both? Those fall outside of clarifying the content of this course and need personalised/individual advice, because I can’t help you answer those without knowing more about you and your concept and is outside the scope of this offer. But I love helping my students with those and so I do offer private sessions which you can book and purchase via the link provided inside this course.

  • Is there a cancellation/ refund policy?

    Yes! You can cancel and get a full refund: If you’ve viewed less than 10% of this course and do not download any resource guides within 7 days of purchase. After the 7 days have expired or you've viewed more than 10%, no refund will be granted.

  • How long is the workshop

    2 hours. You can take it each lesson at a time, and they're each between 2 to 9 minutes long.

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